This story in the Centretown Buzz sums us up pretty well.

We’re here to fill the gap between social services for humans and rescue and welfare services for pets, because too often that gap has meant separating pets from good and loving homes and separating people from the pets whose love and trust makes a huge difference to their mental and sometimes physical health.

In some ways, we’re still working out what that looks like; there are very few organizations doing this sort of work in Canada.

We’ve learned that temporary fostering is a big piece of the puzzle, and that helping people access basic vet services is another.

We are passionate about microchips, and we help people for whom money is a barrier to reclaiming their animal from OHS.

We know that often, it’s the little things: someone to take a dog for a longer walk than the owner can manage can be the difference between a dog and owner happily staying together and a situation that leads to a badly overweight orĀ  “too hyper” dog looking for a second chance that may not come.

We try not to do what’s already being done. We don’t operate a food pantry, because there are already pet pantries doing amazing work in Ottawa, but we do help people locate the nearest option and organize deliveries for those who need them. We don’t do rehoming, but we work with rescues who do.

We’re learning as we grow and growing as we learn. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, get in touch. If you have ideas about what more we could be doing, or how we could do better, definitely get in touch. We want to hear from you.