This is Louie. He is a 3 year old Labrador mix who loves cheese, squeaky toys, chasing his ball, and snuggling with his person, Allie.

Allie’s last relationship ended abruptly and Allie and her cat are staying with family right now. Sadly, that’s not a good solution for Louie, because the household has other dogs, and Louie needs to be an “only”.

Louie’s still at her previous place outside the city and she’s been driving out to feed, walk, and care for him every day.

This is not sustainable, for two reason: first, she’s been asked to take him away as soon as possible. Secondly, Allie works at CHEO (the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario). Right now she, like every health care worker in Ontario, is run off her feet and desperately tired. Adding a long daily round-trip is a lot.

She has a new place, but her lease doesn’t start until June 1. So she reached out to us, and we are so glad she did.

After a lot of discussion with Allie and between ourselves, we’ve made the decision to place him in foster with Dogs & Compagnie for the month. Although this is considerably more expensive than fostering him in a home, we truly believe it’s the best choice for him right now.

Louie is very nervous and submissive around strangers, especially men, and even more so around strange dogs. Allie’s been working to help him feel more confident, but while he’s separated from her, for the first time in his life, he needs an environment that won’t overwhelm him.

In order to do a home placement, we’d need a highly experienced foster parent, in a quiet area, preferably with a yard, who didn’t own, and wasn’t currently fostering, other dogs.

If you are that rare and wonderful person and would like to spend some time with this snuggly, perfectly toasted marshmallow, please–get in touch!

a hopeful brown dog

Until then, we believe that Dogs & Compagnie is the best place for him to be. They can give him the space and quiet that he needs while also giving him individual attention and help with confidence-building.

Can you help us help Louie?